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Hardness testing Methods

2017/7/6 viewers
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Grinding ball’s hardness testing coupons were made according to Chinese standard GB230-80 《Metal HRC Hardness Testing Method》

Surface hardness testing method: test four hardness randomly on the ball’s surface. Calculate its arithmetic mean value which is the surface hardness.

Average Volume hardness testing method: test five points on each ball, one point is on the surface, the left four points are on the section of 3/4R, 1/2R, 1/4R and center. The formulation is as follow:

A.V.H= 0.289 X surface hardness

              + 0.437 X 3/4R hardness

              +0.203 X 1/2R hardness

              +0.063 X 1/4R hardness

              +0.008 X center hardness.

We believed that it is proper to use HRC as the units once hardness is above 544 VHN (500BHN) 

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