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2017/7/6 viewers
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Yute produces hot-rolled and forged grinding balls according to YB/T 091-2005 standard. The diameters range from Φ20mm to Φ160mm, with total 20 different diameters. Our products have several excellent characters, such as precise dimensions, rounding geometrical shapes, high hardness and good mechanical properties. Our balls also have anti-wearing, non-deformation and non-cracking etc. Our products are widely used in large-size mines, power plants, cements and other industries. We have received a lot of positive feedbacks from our domestic and foreign customers.

Compared with traditional forged process, precious hot-rolled process and new type forged grinding balls have advantages of uninterrupted crystal grain flow. The raw materials which were used to produce balls are customized special carbon steels and alloy steels. Our advanced quenching – annealing equipment can help to control hardness, including surface and volume, which are important to the balls anti-wear character.

Specific characters are as follow:

1.     High hardness: surface hardness is up to 60 to 65 HRC and volume hardness is up to 59 to 63 HRC, and hardness gradient evenly distributed.

2.     High mechanical property: ≥12J/cm2

3.     Low breakage rate: anti-stripping and anti-crushing performance are ten times compared with normal balls. Our ball can reach 20,000 times for impacting tests and actual breakage is less than 1%.

4.    Non-deformation: guarantee balls are not deformed and not lose roundness for the whole span life.

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