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Production process

2017/7/6 viewers
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1.     Hot-rolled grinding ball’s raw materials are alloy steel bars. The bars’ diameters equal with balls.

2.     The raw material are heated to a proper temperature in a natural gas furnace before rolling.

3.     Hot bars are fed into the rolling mills. It is rotating forward within two rollers with a special spiral holes and rolled into balls. Each machine have an ability to produce 60 t0 360 balls every minutes.

4.     The hot ball are done heat treatment immediately – quenching and annealing, with a special heat treatment equipment designed by ourselves. Thus, balls can acquire high and uniform hardness.

5.     After inspection, qualified products are sent to warehouse. After packing, we can dispatch products to our customers.

6.     Our balls have excellent characters including precious dimensions, high hardness and good mechanical property. 

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